Creativity is contagious!

I spent some time yesterday afternoon skyping with my mom, Khadija Annette. Half my creativity comes from her, half from my dad. Mom has been event planning, teaching various craftinesses, all around making the world a more beautiful place for as long as I can remember. Her most recent venture, Barakah Life, has been put to bed as she recreates her focus yet again to be more dynamic, more authentic, and more successful than ever. I’m so excited for this next phase..

I bring this up because talking to her gets my creative mind working overtime, as it does whenever I surround myself with those who are constantly living and breathing life into all kinds of ventures. Being a “creative” doesn’t mean you can draw, paint, or even hum a tune. Creatives make things, or make things better. They help people to see things, or see things in new ways. Creatives facilitate (or instigate) the process of moving things from the realm of hopes and dreams to the tangible or understandable or “real” world.

When you possess even a seed of this ability or desire or drive to create (as foggily defined above), surrounding yourself with others of the same ilk can produce ridic results. Ideas are swirling around my head like catfish around crickets. Hmm.. maybe not such a yummy mental picture..

Suffice it to say I am excited, inspired, and ready to do more creating. This will be the week that I do the things I’ve been to scared to do, because I’ve got the oomph and vision to get them done. First? I’m going to approach a certain business I’ve been wanting to redesign a site for.

Why? ‘Cause I can 😉


Hello world. No- for real :)

Yesterday I unveiled the website I built for my husband’s photography venture, Deja Blu. It was a grueling process, but I have to say that creating this site was ridiculously rewarding. I’m still basking in the glow of our first day Google Analytics results 😉

On the site you can also see my latest photo shoot. It was a blast, although we were sans the talent of my favorite body art goddess, Wendy Rover of Roving Horse Henna. Too much fun!

Costuming- Week 2


Teamed up with the photog hubby and Wendy Rover 2 weekends in a row to do costuming for underwater photo shoots. Our models were faerilicious and absolutely sublime. Both were gingers, which translates *very* well in the blue greens of the pool.

Week one was a maternity shoot and week two was fun with the silks/trapeze mermaid.

Wowee. Super blessed to contribute to these shoots!

Brave new me..

Being married to a water-focused adventurer/photographer is never uninteresting- and it has definitely helped me to challenge some of my fears. Scuba diving was handled a couple of years ago (in the frigid Hood Canal, of course) but I’ve remained unable to really be comfortable in the water and just swim. Then he suggested a photo shoot.. Ah yes, pretty clothes + pretty make-up + water; this could definitely work!

And it did. I am more comfortable now, and was reminded of the simple, childish joy of just being in the water. We both had a blast, and so did Wendy Rover, our spectacular henna fairy friend who dolled me up with some lovely waterproof paint designs. Folks- collaboration is such beauty 🙂

Here are a few of the preliminary results- enjoy!

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